Keynote Speakers

Dr. Elpiniki I. Papageorgiou is Ass. Professor at the Dept. of Computer Engineering of the Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Central Greece, Lamia, Greece. She has been working for over thirteen years as researcher in several research projects related with the development of novel computational intelligence methodologies for decision support systems, intelligent algorithms for decision making, data analysis and mining and expert systems.

Elpiniki I. Papageorgiou

Dr. Stephan Onggo is Lecturer at the Management School of Lancaster University, UK. His research interests are in the areas of simulation methodology (Conceptual Modelling, Modelling Paradigms including discrete-event, system dynamics, and agent-based), simulation technology (Parallel/Distributed Simulation and cloud-based Simulation), simulation applications (healthcare, public sector, supply-chain), and business process modelling (BPMN).

Stephan Onggo